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For the past two decades the price of gold has ranged from $300-400 per ounce. In 2012 gold has jumped to well over $1700 per ounce. Silver has likewise went from under $5 to over $30 per ounce. With prices up, now may be a good time to cash in.

We purchase:

• All U.S. and foreign coins and currency
• Old and new gold, silver, and platinum jewelry
• Diamonds
• Sterling silver flatware and dental gold
• Gold, silver, and platinum bars and bullion coins including Eagles, Kruegerands, Maple Leaves, etc.
• Gold coins
• Silver dollars
• Proof and mint sets
• Stamps
• Error coins
• Old pocket watches
• Basically anything related to coin and stamp collecting, or composed of a precious metal.

BUY/SELL LOCALLY: We are members of Dane Buy Local. Whenever possible we re-invest in the community by buying local and encourage others to do likewise.

When selling it is always good to do business with a reputable firm in the community who is accountable for their business practices, rather than dealing with companies and individuals who are here today and gone tomorrow. Our award-winning, nationally recognized staff has a combined 81 years of experience to bring you friendly and professional service.

We have an extensive national and local market. We attend major coin shows, and are members of The Certified Coin Exchange Network, Coinnet, and The Industry Council For Tangible Assets, the largest and most respected national networks of coin dealers. Our precious metals refinery is also one of the largest, most efficient, and greenest refineries in the country These connections make it possible for us to pay top dollar for your coins and jewelry. Our staff will give you personal attention and a thorough evaluation of your coins right in our store. Simply bring your items in or we will travel to you if needed.

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