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Below are resources assembled by the American Numismatic Association for collectors new to the hobby!

Adding to Your Collection Take the time to follow five, simple suggestions before putting out the welcome mat for new acquisitions.

Collecting Kennedy Halves The 50-cent coin bearing the former President's Profile was released in 1964 to unprecedented popularity.

Golden Touch Augustus Saint-Gaudens' coin designs are testimonies to his numismatic talent and artistic creativity.

Collecting Strategies Type set? Date/mintmark set? How you organize your collection ultimately is up to you.

Read All About It Expand your hobby education by building a numismatic library.

References for Beginning Collectors Even the experts will tell you—introductory books on coins and collecting are your best numismatic investment.

Images on Coins Tell Stories Coins from all centuries share the ability to tell stories through their powerful images.

The Many Faces of Liberty Whether she’s walking or standing, hair flowing or gathered in a cap, she’s always a lady.

Up Close and Personal A variety of tools and technology gives numismatists a better appreciation of the beauty of their collections.

A Collector's Guide to Dating Coins Dates on coinage are not always a reliable indication of age. Sometimes historical, political or religious context is needed.

Reading America's Coins In the land of E Pluribus Unum, coins and their inscriptions often convey interesting messages.

The Hunt for World Coins Beginning your collection of foreign coinage can be easy on the eyes as well as the wallet.

Date/Mintmark Sets Decisions, decisions . . . but rest assured, there are no right or wrong choices.

Flying Eagles and Indian Head Cents Once familiar images on the common, American "penny," these popular motifs eventually give way to a presidential portrait.

The Lincoln Memorial Cent Collectors looking for variety and availability will find a lot to like about this common coin.

Ten Interesting Lincoln Cents This lowly, seemingly insignificant denomination teaches much about history, art and numismatics.

Interview with the Nickel Constantly circulating, the Jefferson nickel takes time out to comment on his 2004 makeover.

Assembling a Type Set of Nickels In anticipation of the new 5-cent coins, why not form a simple collection of their predecessors?

Rounding Up Roosevelt Dimes America’s 10-cent piece, symbolic of our respect for a President’s service during a difficult era, is relatively easy to collect.

The Washington Quarter In spite of changes, or perhaps because of them, this venerable coin is here to stay.

An Introduction to State Quarters Pulling quarters from circulation is a great way to explore our nation and build an attractive collection.

Modern Dollar Coins It’s a great time to collect dollar coins, in spite of their less-than-stellar popularity in the past.

Collecting Odd Denominations The evolution of the American monetary system led to some useful, but short-lived coins.

Collecting Coins from Circulation Oh, the anticipation! Patient hobbyists have been known to find treasures in loose or rolled change.

The Lure of 20th-Century Silver Produced almost 100 years ago, these artistic pieces continue to capture collectors’ hearts and imaginations.

Money of Latin America Though some coins feature familiar images and themes, many others are unique reflections of the nations that issued them.

March of the Euro With its diverse designs and continental flair, the euro offers collectors the opportunity to expand their numismatic world.

A Numismatic Recipe Coins usually are forged of materials more resilient than snips and snails and puppy-dog tails.

Collecting in the Global Community Coins depicting a wealth of exotic and fascinating topics beckon to collectors from around the world.

Numismatic Thanksgiving Hobbyists appreciate the many resources that make collecting more accessible.

Storage Solutions When deciding how to best preserve their coins, collectors have a variety of options to consider.

Can You Judge a Coin by Its Cover? Whether your concern is safety, appearance or expense, there are storage options for every numismatist.

The Numismatic Marketplace Shops, shows, ads and auctions—how to find prized pieces that suit your interests and pocketbook.

The Color of Money With their vibrant, rainbow hues and palettes, coins and currency allow hobbyists to experience the full spectrum of numismatics.

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Store: (608) 233-2118     Fax: (608) 233-0175
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Store Hours: M-F 10:00am - 5:00pm, Sat 10:00am - 3:00pm
Sun: by appointment only

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